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A blog about life in general, in as many languages as I can manage. Ενα ιστολόγιο περι ζωής, πολυγλωσσο - σε όσες γλωσσες εχω μεράκι να γράψω.

Video Game Fridays: R-Type (GB)



R-type was one of those games that came bundled with game boys one christmas in Greece (along with Gargoyle's Quest and Dr. Mario if I remember correctly). This was the point where many of my friends jumped into the whole game boy thing, and I could borrow this game from many friends.

In truth, I only got through the first two stages of the game, but the replayability factor of this game is sky high! Even today, I feel like buying the PSP version and playing R-Type, even though I've probably played through that first stage many, many times.

The two most memorable things about the game were the music and the power ups. The music was simply great. It had this techno beat to it and even to this day when I hear 8-bit music I am reminded of R-Type.

The power-ups were also great. Some games have the same dull weapon throughout the game. This game gave you not only new weapons for you main ship, but you could also get shields,a front or back cannon, and power ups for those too!

R-type was such a good game - no wonder the R-type name continues to this day!

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This blog is an ESTP

Every now and then I take the Myers Briggs type indicator test. I tend to fluctuate between an INTJ and an ISTJ. Typealzyser analyses your blog for it's own Myers Briggs type. According to typealyzer this blog is an ESTP.

Who would'a thunk it?

ESTP - The Doers
The active and playful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities.

The Doers are happiest with action-filled work which craves their full attention and focus. They might be very impulsive and more keen on starting something new than following it through. They might have a problem with sitting still or remaining inactive for any period of time.

This show what parts of the brain that were dominant during writing.
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Καιρός να κλείσει το κατάστημα

Κοντεύουν να κλείσουν δύο χρόνια από τότε που άρχισα αυτό το μπλόγκ.

Στην αρχή το άρχισα για να εξερευνήσω την τεχνολογία WordPress. Μου άρεσε αρκετά έτσι ώστε να συνεχίσω να μπλογκάρω για τεχνολογικά θέματα στα Ελληνικά, και συγκεκριμένα για την Apple και τα προϊόντα της.

Αυτά τα τελευταία δύο χρόνια ήθελα να γράψω review για διάφορες εφαρμογές και άλλα προϊόντα, να γράφω για νέα, να δώσω απόψεις για αυτά τα νέα και φυσικά κάποιές συμβουλές για τα διάφορα μηλαράκια που πέφτουν κάτω από την μηλιά.

Η αλήθεια είναι πως έχω μείνει από βενζίνα όσον αφορά το όλα τα μπλόγκ τα οποία άρχισα και έτσι αντί να είναι κάτι αυθόρμητο έχει γίνει κάτι σαν υποχρέωση το να διατηρείς πολλαπλά μπλόγκ.

Έτσι λοιπόν, ήρθε η ώρα να κλείσει και αυτό το μπλόγκ. Προς το παρών δεν έχω καιρό για να δημιουργήσω ένα καινούργιο και ενιαίο μπλόγκ για όλες μου τις σκέψεις, απόψεις και συμβουλές - τεχνολογικές και μή.

Τα μόνα μπλόγκ που θα διατηρώ πως το παρών θα είναι τα δύο Αγγλικά μου μπλόγκ («CA» και «ID Stuff»), το «χωρίς τίτλο» και φυσικά τον λογαριασμό μου στο twitter. Για συνδέσους δείτε το

Αφήνω λοιπόν αυτό το μπλόγκ ως αρχείο του παρελθόντος - ευχαριστώ όλους τους αναγνώστες!
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Ovi on the NIT

I had this realization the other day: Nokia is missing out on using Ovi on its lineup of internet tablets.

I've written in the past that I really don't like the fact that the internet tablets don't have any PIM functionality out of the box. Well, OK, you've got your GoogleIM contacts, but if you don't use Google as your contact manager you're out of luck (well the contact management on the device needs improvement too).

Of course the lack of a notebook, todo, and calendar apps just adds to the lack of PIM goodness on a device that could really use it. After all, you get emails with invites, why not be able to schedule them on your internet tablet and have it sync to the could?

Ovi has been available for a while now with S60 clients and S40 coming out now (if I am not mistaken). It would make absolute sense to have robust calendar, todo, and contact management apps on the Internet Tablet that allow you to sync up to the Ovi cloud!

As an added bonus, the Comes With Music should be extended to the NIT. It's got the storage, it's got the media playback capability, and it's becoming mobile with GSM/UMTS being added to it for the future iterations.
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Television Tuesdays: My own worst enemy

Having written about Jekyll on BBC, I thought it only fitting to write about another series, similar to Jekyll, that is interesting. This season NBC brought us a new series called My own worst enemy.

Like Jackman in Jekyll, the main character in my own worst enemy has a split personality. A day time personality of a typical office worker who is married and has the 2.5 kid + large house american dream going for him, and an evening life of someone who is an international spy. The difference is that in this series there is a brain implant that created that split personality instead of it being genetic as in Jekyll.

I've been taking my time and watching the episodes on Hulu (I rarely watch things when they are broadcast now) and I am impressed. Sadly it seems that the series is cancelled, so I am hoping for a good closing to the story...or if we are lucky the sci-fi channel or some other cable channel will pick it up and continue the plot.

IMDB info
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Εξωμοιοτής Nintendo Entertainment System για το Newton.

Ψςςςς! Ρέτρο εξωμοίωση σε ρέτρο μηχάνημα!

Ρίξτε μια ματιά εδώ και εδώ
Newtendo screen
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2009: Year of the cloud PIM+

There are many services out there that offer you cloud based PIM+ (plus email, photos, storage, etc.) Some are free, some are for pay. I think that 2009 will be the year that we see more competition for consumer mindshare.

Yahoo has been in the game for quite some time. They've got Yahoo Mail, which has free 'push' to Apple's iPhone/iPod touch platform (last I checked anyway). They've got an OK addressbook, calendar, notebook, and photo management through Flickr. The problem is that they haven't put it all together. They do have Yahoo! Go but results do vary from smartphone to smartphone and it's not available for all platforms.

Google provides superior email service (in my experience) and their calendar is pretty useful - although lack of iCal sync (for free) makes it less useful for me. Their addressbook stinks - big time! I really wish they would fix it. They too have photo management through picassa. The one problem with the google verse is that is only available on Android devices -although I guess separate apps could be available on other platforms.

MobileMe is Apple's paid service (and sometimes I feel like a sucker for using it, but I can use my nokia phone and my ipod, and my mac to use it, so I guess it's valuable).

Ovi is Nokia's platform for all things PIM+ - haven't used it much, and the sync times out on my Nokia N80, so I guess I won't be fully using it until I get a new S60 phone.

Finally Microsoft has announced SkyBox, it's own version of PIM+ that is set to be unveiled sometime this month.

There is of course the Danger sidekick PIM+, but I am not sure if this is sticking around for very long (I think it would be better to integrate it with SkyBox...but what do I know?)

The one problem I've got with all of these services is that they don't play nice with one another. On my Mac I can sync my contact data with Google and Yahoo. Awesome! What about my ToDo and Calendar? What about an Ovi plug in? I don't mind having a different cloud provider for my PIM data, however it's imperative for this data to be interoperable with each other.

So what will happen in 2009? I think we will probably see an improvement of services in order to gain mindshare. I don't think we will see much cross-sync compatibility - as much as I would love to see this happen.
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Video Game Fridays: Gargoyle's Quest (GB)

This game I borrowed from the same friend I borrowed Metroid and Castlevania from. This may be the reason I did not enjoy the game as much ;-) No offense buddy! :-)

You play as Firebrand, a gargoyle who is predestined to be the Red Blaze who saves the Ghoul Realm from the evil wrath of King Breager and brings peace to the land once again. I really don't know what this means, and I was completely puzzled when I was a kid and my english was not as good.

The intro to the game says:

A long time ago, the Ghoul Realm barely escaped great peril. A large army of Destroyers came from a neighboring universe. The creatures of the Ghoul Realm were no match for the powerful Destroyers. Just when everyone had given up hope, a great fire swept over the Realm, wiping out the Destroyers' army.
Several hundred years have passed and the Realm is threatened once again...

This game is a combination of RPG and platformer. You play the RPG elements (top down) to move from place to place, and you are in platforming mode when you enter individual stages and when you battle enemies.

I really loved the game when I was in platform mode, but when I was in the top down RPG mode, moving through the world - Boring!

I have mixed reactions to this game, but that was before I was immersed in the world of RPG games. Maybe I should try it again sometime soon!

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I don't get WiFi enabled MFPs

MFP, for the uninitiated, stands for Multifunction printer. It's one of those thingymabobs that is a printer, a scanner, a copier and sometimes a FAX machine. I have one at home, a USB more, and it's pretty convenient.

I've seen WiFi enabled ones on the market now. The marketing pitch: no cables! We are all laptop people these days, so you can send your print jobs to the next room wirelessly, and you can scan wirelessly as well (wow!)

Well OK, no cables is all good and nice (after all I do have a wireless mouse and keyboard), but how convenient is it? If you never (or almost never) scan, then it's somewhat convenient, especially if you've got lots of users in the house.

If you have to scan a lot on the other hand, it's not convenient at all! You have to get up each time you want to change the image. If you are scanning a magazine or book page you need to be next to the unit anyway to hold the lid down. On top of that WiFi speeds for scanning aren't comparable to USB 2 or firewire (from what I hear).

So why have an MFP that's wireless? Why not just have a wireless printer?
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In the future we will be able to see the newspapers online

We've got a tech-gram from 1981.

I was simply amazed! It took about 20 years to make the internet newspaper more of a mainstream thing, but they got there. Now we just have to struggle with the stupid ads :-)

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