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A blog about life in general, in as many languages as I can manage. Ενα ιστολόγιο περι ζωής, πολυγλωσσο - σε όσες γλωσσες εχω μεράκι να γράψω.

Rockman Online - Korea Only

I am a fan of the Megaman games...even though I have yet to finish Megaman X on the PSP that I started a few years ago :-)

Here is a Korea-only megaman game (a typical side scroller from what I've seen). Bummber - too bad it's not going to be available here.

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Δέκα Μύθοι για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα

Το τελευταίο Ελληνικό βιβλίο που διάβασα από αρχή μέχρι τέλος ήταν ένα Ελληνικό μυθιστόρημα (βασικά ξένο ήταν αλλά μεταφρασμένο στα ελληνικά) το οποίο το διάβασα απλός και μόνο για το χαρτζιλίκι - ο πατέρας μου ήθελε να μάθω να διαβάζω άνετα και όχι σπαστά, οπότε διάβαζα ελληνικά βιβλία εδώ στα ξένα με ανταμοιβή.  Τέλος πάντων, μετά από πολλά χρόνια μη διαβάζοντας ελληνικά βιβλία είπα να αρχίσω να διαβάζω κάτι συγκεκριμένο με το θέμα που σπουδάζω τώρα - την γλωσσολογία.  Το βιβλίο το συγκεκριμένο (Δέκα Μύθοι για την Ελληνική Γλώσσα  του Γιάννη Χάρη) το βρήκα μέσο GoodReads (να και ένα καλό τον κοινωνικών δικτύων).

Το βιβλίο ήταν αρκετά εύκολο στην ανάγνωση και θα έλεγα πως είναι κάτι που ο κάθε μαθητής γλωσσολογίας θα έπρεπε να διαβάσει. Η αλήθεια είναι πως το βιβλίο δεν μου δίδαξε κάτι νέο.  Πολλά απ’ όσα ήταν εντός του βιβλίου (όσον αφορά την γλωσσολογική θεωρία) τα έμαθα μέσω τον μαθημάτων γλωσσολογίας Αν το είχα ως βιβλίο για κάποιο προκαταρκτικό μάθημα γλωσσολογίας τα πράγματα θα ήταν διαφορετικά.  Υπήρχαν μερικά πράγματα όμως, παραδείγματα θεωρίας από την ελληνική γλώσσα, τα οποία και ήταν καινούργια για ‘μένα, και αρκετά ενδιαφέροντα! Η αλήθεια είναι πως όταν η γλώσσα που αναλύεις είναι η μητρική σου γλώσσα, πολλές φορές δεν την κοιτάς κριτικά, οπότε χάνεις πολλά. Άλλες φορές ούτε ανάλυση δεν θες να κάνεις γιατί είναι απλός κάτι που υπάρχει - τι το θες να το αναλύσεις;

Το θέμα ελληνικής γλωσσολογίας με ενδιαφέρει οπότε αν ξέρετε κανένα καλό βιβλίο αφήσετε σχόλιο ή βρείτε με στο GoodReads.
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Automator for iOS

No, no, Automator does not exist for iOS yet - but it would be a nice feature!  

I was thinking about this the other day.  My iPod Touch has WiFi, and I use it as an alarm of sorts. Since I keep the WiFi off, I don't have up to date information on weather, news, and RSS when I get up - a dashboard for the morning for example.  Of course I can use my iPhone (which is what I do) to get my RSS reader caching with information, synching my Instapaper account and seeing what the weather is like to pick appropriate clothes.

However, wouldn't be be nice to have some automator actions available on the iOS?  For example, instead of waiting for me to initiate an Instapaper sync, or download the most current weather data, why not schedule these actions to happen before my alarm goes off? I could conceivably tell my iPod to turn on WiFi, connect to my network, cache the most recent 200 articles, sync instapaper, download emails (in case they haven't been pushed), and get the most recent weather data, then turn off the WiFi to conserve some energy.  Then when my alarm goes off, the first thing I see if weather data.

This reminds me a little of WebOS's precognition. It would be nice to have some of this baked into the iOS
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Assassin's Creed Lineage

The things you miss when you're not paying attention ;-)

Here is a short movie (30 minutes) that gives you the back story of the Auditore family (in Assassin's Creed II) that Ezio has to take care of.  Interesting story (live action!), using the same actors as the game (or so it seems to me).  Now a few things that seem obvious after you've played the game (like who the main bad guy is) would have been much more clear had I watched this in advance.  Oh well!  It was a good short film to watch in any event.  Makes me wonder if there is going to be a branching out of the franchise to television and film.

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The truth about the recession

 Permalink David Mitchell

This has been lingering in my inbox since last December (wow!) - I finally saw it and it's funny!
It's just a bunch of numbers on a computer screen - just type them back in!
LOL :-)

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Assassin's Creed II thoughts

Last weekend I finished off Assassin's Creed II. I had completed most of the game, I just needed to go to Rome and take care of business there before the official end of the game. I liked the ending of the game, but I found the final boss (Borgia) a bit easy when you compare him to Al Mualim from the original Assassin's Creed. I was also surprised that Ezio did not take care of Borgia to begin with, but rather showed mercy. I wonder if this was planned as a way to have him as a main bad-guy in the forthcoming game, or whether it was a way of showing Ezio's forgiving side.

I also liked the fact that once the game ended, the final credits weren't just a black screen with credits rolling but rather a mini-game of escaping the warehouse after the Abstergo people came to reclaim Desmond (is it me, or does the main doctor from Assassin's Creed I look like Borgia?)

Now, with this game completed, time to return to Batman Arkham Asylum - I need to try to finish this before school starts!
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End of the iPad experiment


OK, so the two week loan of the iPad has come to an end. What have we learned? Quite a lot actually! I think the phrase that sums it up is this: "it's a nice device to mess around with, but not nice enough to buy because you can't easily produce on it"

Now of course your milage may vary but this is what I found:

First of all the lack of a Greek keyboard was really inconvenient. Also not being able to access my Greek contacts was a major inconvenience when trying to mail people. This is something that will probably be fixed with an upcoming OS release so no biggie there.

The screen was too shiny in direct and indirect sunlight. When trying to read a book on the commuter rail I constantly kept seeing my reflection (nice feature if you are a vain smurf, but not so nice when trying to read). Despite the reflection issue I managed to complete a short 150 page book.

Feedler was actually a pretty nice RSS app, and blogpress is actually pretty cool on the iPhone (props for making it a universal app and not making us pay again for it, like the folks over at beejive).

Editing google docs was a bit of an issue. I saw that there were some apps that do the job, but seeing that I don't own the iPad, spending $25 to buy two apps to test them out seemed a little pricey. From the reviews neither one is a clear winner just yet.

Finally, mobile safari is lacking one key feature: apple-f (aka find in page). Using the ipad to search for info on the web would be easier if I had this ability.

All things considered it's not a bad product, it's just very "1.0" and it's geared more toward passive consumption of information and content rather than allowing people to create on it, a limitation which us a little artificial. I can really imagine RapidWeaver in this device!

- Posted using BlogPress from my experimental iPad
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The bull fights back!

Amazing footage from Spain - this was one awesome bull!

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Social Network Parodies

A couple of parody trailers (parodies of the Social Network movie coming out soon) have hit the interwebs:


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This should become a sitcom!

There are some commercials that have become sitcoms in the past, the Geico cavemen come to mind. That was a nice, albeit short-lived sitcome. Watching shows on Hulu I've been served up this ad (as well as other ads in the same series). The idea is that a bunch of experienced men (in a retirement community?) guide the younger of the clan along their life paths. I don't know why, but this commercial seems to have the base for a humorous sitocom - at least one season's worth. I don't mind if they do Heineken product placement in it - just make it a sitcom. I would be interested in seeing how it translates from a 30 second spot to a full 30 minute show.

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