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A blog about life in general, in as many languages as I can manage. Ενα ιστολόγιο περι ζωής, πολυγλωσσο - σε όσες γλωσσες εχω μεράκι να γράψω.

My first MMO: Star Trek Online


So, I guess I can’t claim that I am not playing an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game any lo1345222699275nger.  I must confess, it was all a matter of the right theme, and the right price in order to get me to play an MMO game. 

World of Warcraft as a theme didn’t do it for me, and the subscription wasn’t really to my liking (considering that given my luck, whenever I pay for a subscription, I almost never make full use of it!)

In any case, when Star Trek Online went to a freemium model and I could play for free, and after having been in Games MOOC where there were a couple of players on there that talked about the game, I decided to install it on Windows (no Mac version yet) and give it a try this past weekend. Man, what a time sink!  OK, sure, I’ve spend more hours trying to get to the next level of Halo, or Castlevania (my most recent game) on my Xbox, but  I havent’ spent this much time on a computer game in ages!

The game takes place in the post DS9 timeline, and right after the “future” events of the most recent Star Trek Movie where the two Romulan planets (Romulus and Remus) destruct. Given this chaos in the Romulan empire, the Klingons decide that they are going to take advantage of the situation and expand their colonies.  Part of the Klingon Empire (or group anyway) are the Naussicans, Orions and Gorn (I am probably missing a few races in there).

I opted to play as a federation person, Male Andorian to be more precise.  If there is ever another Trek TV series set in the future, it needs Andorians Winking smile.  After about 4 hours of play I got promoted to Lieutenant Second Grade (So I guess my total level is Level 3?).  I guess it will take a while to max out at Level 50 and make Rear Admiral Smile

Some things I have yet to figure out: Do I have points to use on leveling up my skills? If so, how do I use them? Do I have to be a paid member to buy myself a ship at some point or not?  While I like my current ship, I really would love to get an Enterprise E or a Defiant Class ship Smile
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Adieu, Cinch

Well, that's a bummer!

Cinch was a service that allowed you to record audio on your phone and seamlessly post it to the web. This for me was an easy way of getting a podcast together (and it also reminded me of another defunct service, utterly). I never really got started with that podcast (maybe I will get it going with audioboo now) but I liked to show off cinch for language learning classrooms.

oh well, adieu cinch. Maybe it's time to try blogtalkradio :-)

Here is the actual notice:

Dear Cinch.FM users,

It is with great sadness that I announce that we are shutting down the Cinch.FM service. While we continue to believe that easily creating audio content has an important place in the digital world, we just do not have the engineering and product resources to maintain the service while continuing to invest in our main property, BlogTalkRadio. We’d like to make the transition off of Cinch.FM as smooth as possible for you by providing the steps necessary for preserving your content.

Effective August 20th, 2012, no new accounts can be created on Cinch.FM and for those of you with an existing Cinch.FM account, you will no longer be able to create new audio recordings.

Your existing content will remain online and available until October 20, 2012 – two months from the shut down date. Cinch.FM players that have been published on your blog or any other website will continue to function until that date. In addition, the RSS feed for your account will remain available for the same period.

If you would like to save any of your recordings, please log in to the Cinch.FM web site immediately and download your audio content. To download your content, you may login here. If you have a large volume of content that you would like to download, we recommend that you use the RSS feeds available in your account and a podcast client.

After October 20, 2012, your content will be permanently deleted, and we will not be able to retrieve it.

I know that many of you actively use the Cinch.FM service, but please know that this turn of events saddens us as well and we are truly sorry. We’re incredibly thankful for our Cinch.FM community of users.

Again thank you for being a Cinch.FM user.


Bob Charish, COO Cinch.FM


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Adieu, Gist

Well... Another bites the dust!

I just got an email today from Gist, a service that brought together all of your contact's information (including social networks).  Gist and Rapportive were competitors, and I ended up using Rapportive more than Gist.  They were acquired by RIM, and the rest is history.  So, adieu Gist!

Here's the email:

We started Gist in 2008 to make connecting with your key contacts faster and easier to help you create stronger business relationships.  In February of 2011, we become part of Research In Motion (RIM) to bring the Gist vision to millions of BlackBerry customers. Since our acquisition we built the BlackBerry Playbook Contacts app and more recently, our team has been tasked with creating the native address book/contact manager for the next generation platform, BlackBerry 10.

In addition to our core focus on the Contacts app, we have been given expanded responsibility for everything social at RIM including BlackBerry Messenger, Facebook and Twitter apps and instant messaging as well as much of the identity platform, location services and user analytics features.

With all this responsibility, we feel even more empowered to deliver a truly unique and amazing experience for aggregating, enhancing and connecting you deeply with your key contacts. All of this feels pretty exciting, but you may have noticed limited innovation on the core Gist product offering over the last year. In an effort to make the most of our new focus, we have, with heavy hearts, decided to shutdown the stand-alone Gist service. Sigh.

As of today, we are no longer accepting new users and will officially be closing on September 15, 2012.  Click here to read the blog post and learn how to get your data out of Gist so you can transition to another service

The Gist Team
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Too Human | Done

Wow! That was such a short game! This past weekend I had an opportunity to continue on with Too Human and compete the game. OK, "complete" may not be the word here (considering that people who "complete the game might go through every nook and crannie of the game to collected everything the game has to offer) but I did get to the end, beat the final boss and saw the final cinematic sequence.

While I did only get 23 of the 50 achievements of the game, I did finish the game in about 13 hours. Online I saw estimates of at least 15 hours to complete the game, so I guess I was speedier ;-). I did get to level up my Beserker to level 27 which was higher than I thought I would get him. I also did get enough loot to be able to manufacture my own special items.

All things considered, this was a pretty nifty game. I enjoyed the Asgardian/Norse mythology of the game, as well as the distopian/cyber-enhancement aspects which made it both interesting and creepy. I did choose to have my berserker remain human and not to have any cyber implants (I wonder if that changed the game story at all). By the time I was done, I was ready to start-a-new. Starting as a level 27 from the beginning makes things so much easier ;-). With other games to finish however, too human goes back on the shelf until those other games are played and completed.

I am looking forward to Too Human 2, if it ever comes out.

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Adieu, HelloTXT

Man, it just seem like yesterday that just went offline. Now the only (and my first) cross-posting service is also closing its doors. What the heck is going on? Are the various services' TOS changing so much so that it is impossible for these services to survive? It's sad to see helloTXT go. Thank you for all these years of service! Now I must find another service to cross post content.

Here is the message I received via email (which apparently is not on their website)

A Special Announcement


All good things must come to an end, and that time has come for HelloTXT.

We regret to inform the community that effective 7th Aug 2012 HelloTXT will be closing down operations.

As of 7th Aug 2012 , the community will be disbanded. Access to the Web, WAP site and Apps will be terminated. In advance of the closure, we encourage you to log into your account and collect any information or contacts you will need.

We've immensely enjoyed the journey of the last 4 years as we've watched HelloTXT community grow and change. We sincerely thank you for all of the input and feedback you've provided us through the years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still be able to access my profile?

After August 07th, 2012 all profiles will be terminated, so you will not be able to access your account or any profile information.

I'm really upset about this and I want you to know about it!

We understand your concern and this has been a hard decision for us as well. Feel free to share your feedbacks with us via our Corporate Website.

Thanks again to all,

The Hellotxt team


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