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A blog about life in general, in as many languages as I can manage. Ενα ιστολόγιο περι ζωής, πολυγλωσσο - σε όσες γλωσσες εχω μεράκι να γράψω.

Mandalorian's Revenge (SWTOR)

I am still working on the original content (haven't even gotten to expansions!), but the new chapter coming in a few days is looking interesting!

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Assassin's Creed: Discovery | Done!


In my quest to play through as many Assassin's Creed games as possible, I got a Nintendo 3DS last year (well, I've been wanting one for a while and this was just a good excuse), and hit eBay for cheap (used) copies of the game.  There have been 2 Assassin's Creed games for the DS, one taking place in Altair's time, and one in Ezio's time.  I chose to play Ezio first, and go with the other one after.

I had actually tried both of these games back in the brief time when I had jailbroken my iPhone 3GS with iOS 4 and I found the games extremely frustrating on touch controls. I think that since that Apple has removed both from the AppStore.  Luckily with DS game cards, it's easy to go back and play these.

The story of this game takes place somewhere in the Assassin's Creed 2 trilogy (probably between the first and the second one).  Ezio goes to Spain, after being summoned by one of his friends, to protect Christopher Columbus who's got some bullying problems (to put it lightly).  Once that's taken care of we find that the Assassin's guild is Spain is in trouble due to the inquisition.  It seems that grand inquisitor Tomás de Torquemada might be a Templar given his connections with Rodrigo Borgia (it turns out that he is not a Templar - just naive).

game on iOS

The game takes place within the animus. We do get a little "animus loading screen" type of environment in the beginning when you are being trained to move about the environment, but that's basically it. You don't really get anything else happening in the modern era with Desmond. The entire story is done in the past.  It's too bad, because it would have been interesting to advance the modern day story a bit in these games.

The gameplay of this game is a pretty standard side-scrolling game.  If you think back to the old Prince of Persia games (which is where this game traces its lineage to) you get a pretty good sense of what the game is like. The only difference (that I remember) between the DS version and the iPhone version is that the DS uses the bottom screen as a kind of in-game radar to let you know where hiding points and enemies are located.

All things considered the game wasn't bad.  With actual controls (a D-Pad and buttons) the game is actually quite playable, something that I got really frustrated with on the iPhone version. It's probably a good idea that they retired that version of the game.  The one thing that's really missing (that I didn't see much of anyway) in this game is the depth of characters that one finds in the television console games. You are told about Torquemada and columbus, but you don't really get profile sheets on them, like you do on the xbox and PS games. I think getting real history as part of a fictional game is really one of the series' strong points and it seems to be missing from this game.

The DS platform has no trophies (boooo!), so nothing to report on that front ;-)

Here is a bit of the gameplay, courtesy of YouTube:

Have you played this game? What do you think?
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Petits trésors


La vie peut-être surprenant et quelquefois il y a des moments que apportent petits moments de joie. Le dernier week-end j’ai trouve quelques petits trésors des années passées. Quand j'étais au lycée j’ai commence d'écrire des lettres a mes amis en Grèce et à l'Université j’ai trouve plus des penpals qui étaient dans autres pays aussi! Mes penpals m’a envoyé petits articles de son pays. Un de ces articles est une audio-cassette avec musique et une lettre verbale que je n’ai pas écouté pou quinze ans - parce que je n’ai plus un lecteur de cassettes!

Aujourd’hui nous ne pensons pas beaucoup de ces choses. Nous avons skype, et google hangouts, et viber, et nous pouvons écouter et voir mes correspondants et mes amis quant nous voulons. En 1998 le seul mode de correspondance synchrone était le IM (instant message) et le IM, comme yahoo chat, MSN, et ICQ, n’avait pas la capacité pour voix ou pour le vidéo. Alors, si on veut écouter la voix de son amis, on doit utiliser un microphone et enregistrer son voix dans un cassette - et après ça il fallait envoyer ce cassette par la poste. Et une semaine après ça, l’ami peut écouter l’audio-correspondance.

J’ai transféré ces cassettes en format mp3 pour préserver le contenu de ces cassettes, le contenu que mes amis m’ont envoyé. Je n’ai pas écoute les mp3 dans leur totalité. Je croix que je vais attendre un ou deux années pour le vingtième anniversaire pour les écouter.
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Star Trek Beyond: trailer 2

Now THIS trailer looks way better than the first one!  Of course the main question in my mind is this:  If the Enterprise gets destroyed in this one, what will the NCC 1701-A look like? ;-) And, will it come with new uniforms, sort of like Wrath of Khan, or will they go in an alternative direction?  Imagine if they went sort of like the uniforms that they (almost) used in Star Trek: Generations.

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Robbie Williams - Rock DJ

A little blast from the past (probably one of my favorite songs - love the beat)

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Jurassic Trek files: On catch-phrases


This comic strip of Jurassic Trek makes fun of Scottys "she cannae take any more capt'n!"  ;-)

(original archive here)

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Replacing the Nexus 4 screen - DYI

For a brief moment I thought that I might go a little DIY with fixing my nexus 4 screen.  I did find the parts on Amazon for around $30 (relatively cheap I think), however after viewing this instructional video I thought twice about it.  It takes a professional 2 hours to do this, it will most likely take me more (if I don't ragequit ;-) ). The video lost me at using a hear gun to remove the old screen.

Part of me wants this phone to be functional (and not just be recycled), but I don't know if it's worth the money.

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Retro Mobile!


It's been a couple of weeks now since my Nexus 4 sort of died.  It took a tumble from my bike and hit the pavement in such a way that the touch screen no longer responds to input.  The rest of the phone seems to work fine, but without an ability to do input it's not all that useful.  So, I pulled out the old Motorola v3xx phone (aka razr 3G) from the drawer, powered it up, and put my SIM card into it while I await for the new Nexus phone to be released.  Sadly, at the Google I/O conference last week there was no Nexus announcement, so I am waiting to see when that will hit (or when the next Moto X Pure will be announced and released).

The phone is branded to AT&T, since Cingular had already commenced with the branding change at the time I got this, although the CV button was renamed from Cingular Video to Cellular Video. M'eh. When I switched from AT&T I got this phone unlocked, but I really should have also sent it somewhere to debrand it.  There is a lot of AT&T junk on this phone that is totally useless, and I really would like the phone debranded.  I am wondering if it's worthwhile finding a way to do this, or if it's just a waste of time.  Maybe it can be a Weekend Geek project over the summer.

The SMS settings were on the SIM card, so as soon as I plugged in my SIM was I was able to make calls and send messages.  I haven't quite worked out the MMS settings for some reason I am not able to send or receive MMS messages.  Not that I send a lot of MMS messages, but it's nice to have the option until I get a new phone.

Using this phone for the past 10 days has been an interesting experience. I've gotten used to looking up things on the fly with a smartphone, and now I am back to using paper maps and jotting down notes to look things up later.  At the same time, there is something satisfying about that "CLACK" that you hear when you flip the phone shut.  Good call on keeping this device as a backup :)

Does anyone have any resources to debrand this phone?
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Nintendo Playstation

Back  when I was a teenager I was reading about this collaboration in the gaming magazines of the time (the few that I could afford to buy from the UK when I was living in Greece) and I could only imagine! Engadget did find one of these layout around the video is below.  Pretty cool to actually see one.  The rumors behind this (and the lack of internet to verify this info) also made it easier for me to fabricate stories about GameBoy that was in color and it played games that were on a mini CD with full motion video (only sold in the US, of course where my dad lived).  Of course Sony came out with the PSP later on, but disc-based portable systems didn't really take off (for good reason - moving parts on a portable make little sense!)

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Mega Gear Logic (and the stealth option!)

I love metal gear.  I also love it when people make fun of metal gear :-)

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