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A blog about life in general, in as many languages as I can manage. Ενα ιστολόγιο περι ζωής, πολυγλωσσο - σε όσες γλωσσες εχω μεράκι να γράψω.

Where's camptain pike?


Seems like old school fan films (pre CBS guidelines) are pretty quiet.  Axanar seems to be 'working' on it, and Pacific 201 sends some periodic updates.  Captain Pike on the other hand seems MIA.  I think this might be one of those casualties (or maybe a study case for kickstarter risks).  Too bad that it looks like this won't come out (especially considering that Pike will be - at least peripherally - in Star Trek Discovery), looked interesting.

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Sev TNG: I am sensing the obvious


This is an obvious dig at the poor writing that they had for Troy in the first few seasons on TNG (basically until Jelico came and asked why she wasn't in uniform). Troy is such a great character, just needed better writing.  I do like one of the alternate taglines a little better "Don't say it, just do it." - it calls back a little to the other "star" franchise ;-)

(original archive here)

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Love Notes to Newton (Preview) by Noah Leon

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Love notes to Newton


Now I wish I had known about this crowdfunding campaign a while back (I don't often visit indiegogo, but I do keep an eye out on kickstarter from time to time).  This is a documentary, that luckily was partially funded about one of the most awesome mobile platforms in computing history: the Apple Newton.    I can't wait for this to come out :-)

Love Notes to Newton (Preview) from Noah Leon on Vimeo.
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Overload is coming!

It took a while, but this kickstarter is almost here (to be released at the end of May).  I haven't been playing the betas (even though my kickstarter pledge allows me to) to get totally immersed when it's released. It's been a while since I played a game of this sort (since Descent, actually!)

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Assassin's Creed Unity - Mobile Companion | Done

LOL, I am not sure why I am writing about the mobile companion app...but I am ( with it? :p).  Anyway, yesterday the final side-mission of the companion app cleared and I got all my little lovely check marks across the map of Paris.   In this companion app you recruit Assassins from across Paris, and as you send them away on missions to control different locations in Paris they gain experience and you can level them up.  The more they are levels, the more difficult locations they can tackle. 

The initial idea behind this companion app was to provide another dimension to the game, so that the player could earn extra perks. Unfortunately it really ended up being a gate-keeping mechanism (and mostly time-locked!).  I mean, I've already completed Unity and 3 other games between between the time I started playing this mobile mini-game.  Playing this game now is pointless, unless you're like me and want to claim you've tried to play all assassin's creed games ;-)  Maybe Ubisoft can add some Club Ubi points to completing this game ;-)

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Trials of the Blood Dragon | Done

Recently, another game I 'completed' was Trials of the Blood Dragon. While I did get through the story of the game, I am not sure that this is one of those games that you 'complete'.  When I got this game for free through xbox live 'games with gold' a number of months ago I thought that it was more of a Far Cry game, but it's basically a Trials game with Far Cry highlights.  I had actually completely forgotten about the Trials games which I had tried  back in 2000 when the game was a browser-based java game (which reminded me a lot of Excite Bike on the NES).

Now, despite the short amount of time spent on this game, it was a lot of fun. The story is full of 80's (and early 90s) callbacks, from the Neon signs, to the posters in the young agents' room, to the general essentially looking like Sgt. Slaughter.  I have not yet played Far Cry: Blood Dragon, but that didn't prevent me from enjoying the game, and most of my epic fails.  The game controls mostly like Excite Bike on the NES (so, it's a Trials game) but there are elements of bionic commando, and Abuse

For most of the stages I got pretty miserable 'grades' (mostly Cs and Ds, and a few Fs).  I suppose if I cared more about my gamer score and achievements for this game I'd try harder, but I was mostly interested in the story of the game.  In this game you play the children of the main character in Far Cry: Blood Dragon, who is dead.  They grow up with the General (aka Sgt. Slaughter) and they are trained to defend the US (and freedom loving capitalists) from the evils of communism (both human and Communist Insection Aliens...yeah...those exist... :p).  The cut-scenes for the game play very much like a Saturday morning cartoon, which just makes this game even better.

Overall I'd give this game a 9/10. I failed a lot, and I failed in epic ways, but the game never made me feel frustrated, and the game didn't make me feel dumb.  Yes, every time I failed insults were hurled at me on the screen, but they seemed more humorous than anything else.  If more trials games were like this (you know, they had a story), I'd play more of them :-)

Some stats (from xbox):
  • 390/1000 points earned
  • 10 achievements earned
  • inner beast level 2
  • global score 1,765,324
  • playtime: 3h 37 minutes

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Sev Trek - Picard playing poker


A reference to the final episode of the TNG series. Picard joins the crew for a poker match and says he should have done this a long time ago.  I guess this is what happens once the cameras stop rolling :-)  I liked this punchline -->      "I" "HAVE" "NO" "CHIPS!" --a reference to There Are Four Lights but it doesn't quite fit in :)

(original archive here)

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Μαραθώνιος μετ εμποδίων

Χτες είχαμε τον ετήσιο μαραθώνιο της Βοστόνη ένα αθλητικό γεγονός το οποίο συνήθως όταν ήμουνα στο λύκειο πήγαινα κάθε χρονιά να το δω. Από τότε που άρχισα να δουλεύω, και από τότε που έφυγε ο πατέρας μου από το συνεργείο στο οποίο δούλευέ στην περιοχή έχω σταματήσει να πηγαίνω διότι είναι λίγο δύσκολο να πηγαίνεις στην περιοχή όταν δεν έχεις κάποιον μέρος κοντά να παρκάρεις. Άσε που όταν δουλεύεις ή μία έξτρα μέρα ρεπό είναι πάντα ευπρόσδεκτη. Έτσι λοιπόν τον μαραθώνιο τον βλέπουμε εξ αποστάσεως μέσω τηλεόρασης ή μέσω internet.

Συνήθως αυτή την εποχή κάνει αρκετά καλό καιρό οπότε οι πιο πολλοί βγαίνουν έξω με μπλουζάκια και σορτσάκια αλλά φέτος έκανε αρκετό κρύο και έριχνε αρκετή κρύα βροχή. Είχε και αέρα που ερχότανε προς την κατεύθυνση αυτών που τρέχουνε όποτε το κρύο νερό τους ερχότανε κατάμουτρα. Πραγματικά δεν ήταν και πολύ καλή μέρα να είσαι έξω! Παρά τις αντίξοες συνθήκες αρκετοί ήταν αυτοί που βγήκαν όχι μόνο να τρέξουν αλλά και να δουν και να υποστηρίξουν αυτούς που τρέχανε.

Αυτή την χρονιά τα Μέσα Μαζικής Ενημέρωσης επικεντρώθηκαν στο γεγονός ότι αυτή που βγήκε πρώτη, η νικήτρια του Μαραθωνίου, ήταν μία Αμερικανίδα ένα πράγμα που δεν έχει γίνει όπως σου είπα από το 1985. Είναι που είναι δύσκολος ο Μαραθώνιος, είναι που είναι δύσκολο να βγεις πρώτος, αλλά το να βγείς πρώτος με τέτοιες καιρικές συνθήκες είναι κάτι φανταστικό.

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Back to the Future: the game | Done!


I've been debating which game(s) to move onto next on the xbox now that Assassin's Creed Syndicate is (mostly) done.  I realized the other day that the "free" games that we get on xbox live gold aren't really totally free.  You can claim games for free when they are available, and you can enjoy them, for free, so long as you have an active xbox live gold membership.  Considering that I often let my membership lapse (not much into the co-op or competitive type of gaming), and that I only get it renewed when it's on sale (so that I can get an added percentage off seasonal game sales), it made sense to explore some of the 'free' games I've gotten over the past year.

For this play-through I decided to play Telltale's Back To The Future game (Great Scott!).  The game is episodic content, with 5 episodes in the game.  It follows Marty McFly (of course) and Doc Brown on another (typically crazy) time adventure.

From wikipedia, the game starts as follows:
It has been six months since Marty McFly witnessed Emmett "Doc" Brown depart into an unknown time, and the bank has foreclosed on Doc's home. While helping his father George sort through Doc's possessions, Marty is surprised to see a DeLorean time machine, which he thought had been destroyed, appear outside the house. Inside is Einstein, Doc's dog, and a tape recorder with a message from Doc explaining how the time machine would return to this present should Doc ever run into problems. Einstein helps track down Edna Strickland, the elderly sister of Marty's school principal and a former reporter for Hill Valley's paper. Marty reads through her newspaper collection to find Doc had been jailed in 1931 and killed by Irving "Kid" Tannen, Biff Tannen's father. Marty and Einstein set off to 1931 in the DeLorean to prevent Doc's death.
Now the game time-locales go between 1931 (finding Doc, who's been suspected of arson) and saving him, and then returning back to 1986 where... ooops! timeline is messed up! New-Doc...errmm... Emmett (as he is called in this timeline) and his wife (Edna) have created a police state (Edna being a teenage prohibitionist in 1931 really takes this to the extreme by 1986!).  OK, gotta go back to 1931 to fix things so that Doc goes back into science (very STEM focused if you ask me ;-) ). OK things are fixed with the Original-Doc, but  New-Doc (aka Emmett) doesn't want to see Edna become a crazy, lonely, cat-lady.  Edna escapes in the DeLorean and then the whole town disappears around Original-Doc and Marty.  Ooops! What did Edna do???  Gotta find where she went, go back in time some more, and fix THIS situation now.  The Doc and Marty go back even further in time (late 1880s) to find Edna and prevent her acts of arson (due to her prohibitionist beliefs) which resulted in the burning down the entire city (hence the city disappearing in 1931).  In the end the timeline is fixed (mostly), and Edna has a happily-ever-after with the Tannens. But wait!  Future Marty comes to get Doc's help...then Future Marty 2 comes...then Future Marty 3...what the heck is going on?   - Roll end-credits.

This was my first Telltale game.  I did find the story enjoyable and it felt like a Back to the Future story.  The voice actor who voices Marty is really spot on which really adds to the enjoyment of the game. The game, as I found out, is mostly a graphic adventure, where you prompt the main character to speak to characters, examine objects in the world, and use them to move the story forward.  This is generally not my kind of game (reminds me of some old Amiga adventures that one of my friends enjoyed) but the story was interesting and the curiosity of finding out what will happen next got me through some boring parts.  Even though I enjoyed this game (8/10) I am probably not going to give into other Telltale games right away.  The story moves as the pace of a television episode for the most part, so you can't really skip forward (or speed up) the story.  I guess with a walkthrough you can pick the 'right' prompts to skip unnecessary parts, but what's the fun in that? If you like Back to the Future, and graphical adventures, I guess this is the game for you!   Now if only it had more episodes :-)

Some game stats:
  • 645/1000 points earned
  • 36 achievements earned
  • all 5 episodes completed
  • 14 hours playtime (well, 13h 59m)
  • 51 puzzles solved
  • 755 choices made (wonder what the minimum number is to complete the game)

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