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Hulu’s got it right!

Recently I have started watching shows on, and all I can say is “I wish there were more shows!” Hulu has really gotten it right when it comes to presenting streaming content with commercials.

1. I can pause the show, even overnight, and come back the next day and pick up without any hiccups. Fox and ABC’s players are almost the same in terms of the pause-quality of their streaming content, but CBS is by far the worst.

2. The commercials are timed just right, and shows just continue! Show-commercial-show, no need to click on anything. On CBS and the CW you are thrown out of full screen view to see the commercial and then you need to click again to get back to full screen. On ABC the commercials are not timed right, so the commercial might be over, but you are still waiting so that you can hit the “back to show” button – really annoying.

3. The audio levels of the commercials are on par with the audio levels of the show. This means that when you cut to commercial you are not BLASTED with audio. CBS and the CW are the worst offenders in this category, ABC, FOX and NBC are a mixed bag.

4. The video quality and audio quality of the shows is at least broadcast quality, if not better.

The only advantage of has is that they offer shows in HD.
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