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Crackdown thoughts

One of the used games that I got last Christmas, and which I finally completed, was Crackdown. It wasn't on top of my list, but since I have a friend who wants to revisit it, I thought I'd better finish it so I can loan it out :-)  The main idea of the game is that there are three crime syndicates in Pacific City, and you as the real bad-ass law enforcement office (from "the agency") are tasked with cleaning things up.  The more skill points you acquire, the more your skills (physical strength, guns, explosives and driving) increase.  The more your skills increase, the more you can progress through to other city levels.

It was an interesting game, even though I only got  20/50 achievements ;-)  There is an achievement in which you have to climb the agency tower (pain in the butt) and jump off into a small pond.  If you hit the pond, you survive and get an achievement. If you don't, you die and respawn at the base of the agency tower.  Well... I made it all the way on top...and then I missed the pond by thaaaaaaaat much.  I didn't feel like going back and trying again.

The driving mechanic of the game was OK.  I didn't really get that many skill points for driving, so maybe that was the issue, but the car handling was a pain.  It reminded me of  Grand Theft Auto...and I just didn't like how cars handled in that game.  It was much more fun to punch, kick and shoot my way to the bad guys, rather than try to run them over.  Too bad, because there is an achievement for driving as well ;-)

The sequel to Crackdown deals with genetically enhanced mutants that have taken over the city after the end of this game.  Seems interesting, but I am wondering if it's worth the price and time investment.

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