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Tablet Improvements: PIM, Mail, IM

Having used my internet tablet with OS2008 for about a week now, I wanted to sing a little to the choir and echo some of the community’s comments regarding applications that one would expect to be included in the Internet Tablet, but are not.

PIM Suite:
PIM suites used to be the bread and butter of the PDA, not any more. PIM suites exist on desktop computers (Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.) on smartphones of all sorts, and even good ol’ regular cellphones. IT behooves anyone to think that an Internet Tablet does not have a good addressbook (that includes snailmail addresses!), a good calendar, and a good to-do list. These are almost a necessity these days, and Nokia should have included them as part of the product. They have experience with PIM suites (look at their S60 phones, they all have PIM).
A PIM is not only useful for referencing information, or reminding you of an appointment, it’s important because it can tie into your IM client and identify your contacts, it can tie into your mail and you can have easy access to all of your contact’s information. If you receive an email invitation it can go directly into your calendar, and so on.
On top of the PIM suite, I would say that there should have also been synchronization (USB, Bluetooth, and/or wireless) capability via SyncML to synchronize this PIM data with your computer, nokia mobile phone, and/or online services like Google and Yahoo (sort of like what the iPhone does).

I like the mail application, I won’t write much, but there are three things that I would like to see implemented: Hotmail support, Exchange Support, Yahoo IMAP support (like the iPhone). Other than that, I am a happy camper thus far

Pidgin is a great app, I really wish that it were part of the package and not a separate download. I wish this were the case because then it would be integrated with the status indicators on the top of the screen, and I could set my accounts in the control panel. On thing that I would like to see implemented in Pigdin (or if the built-in IM supports all of the protocols that Pidgin supports) is to have both video and audio chat. There is a built-in camera in both the N800 and N810, why not use it? It seems kinda silly to ask my friends on Yahoo to fire up Skype or GTalk in order for us to voicechat.
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