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Splinter Cell: Double Agent thoughts

Over the weekend I finished Splinter Cell: Double Agent for the XBox 360. It was quite an interesting game, and the first "real" Splinter Cell that I played since the original. There was a Splinter Cell: Essentials which I bought (played and finished) for the PSP, but that seemed to be more of a recap of the whole series in anticipation of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Most of the game was enjoyable, but there were a few moments where I needed the help of a visual walkthrough. The battling priorities of the JBA and the NSA was an interesting twist, which made the game quite morally conflicting at times. You want to do the right thing (don't you?) but in order to not blow your cover you need to take on some dubious JBA tasks.

I got quite a few achievements in this game, but I ended up not getting all the JBA member files for that "superspy" achievement. I did save the game at a strategic point so I could go back and take care of things, but even after I finished the game from that save spot, I didn't get the achievement. I wonder if I started the stage from scratch on Hard mode if it would be possible to get the "finish game in hard mode" achievement and the superspy achievement.  Probably the most  frustrating missions were those in the JBA headquarters, where all missions were optional, but if you didn't complete any (if you idled for 20 minutes) both sides would think you were an idiot and you'd lose condifence.

This game, like many others, seems to have an online component, which I didn't play since I don't subscribe to xbox live. There is (or was?) a deal recently where you got both a 20% discount and a free game for joining - maybe something to look into. In any case, the bummer is that I can't really get any more achievements until I play online. I guess I'll tackle the solo mode of Splinter Cell: Conviction for now and get back to online play later on.

All things considered it was a good game. Now if only the Splinter Cell classics (Original Splinter Cell, Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory) were available on the 360 as they are for the PS3...
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