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New Mac Pro...giant price tag!

One of my favorite things to do when I was in college (and following an Apple event) was to head to the apple store online and spec out the most recent announcement with everything spec'ed out to the max.  I used to do this with any tower model, starting back in 1997 when I first started looking at the latest and greatest (and my Performa 615CD, with a 68040 processor was rapidly aging).

Back then the most expensive model would set you back around $10,000 (if I remember correctly).  A lot for a college student, but not necessarily out of the realm of possibility for a professional who needed the extra umph.  This year's Mac Pro model, fully maxed, will run you around $53,000.  Jeez...  I really love it, but even the base model is $6,000 (so out of my league...)

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