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Don't move this podium!

Back in October I setup the Apreso Classroom Capture System with a little help from an anystream consultant, and a little advice from my friend Jeff (the media guru) from Media Services. The technology enhanced classroom that I setup the Apreso system in was really poorly implemented to begin with, so I did my best to frankenstein the Apreso system in as best as I could with the resources I had. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I did a pretty good job at it.

I don't really remember, but I think that there was a PC audio problem entering into the sound system, but I might have resolved that - I don't remember, honestly.

Once the system was setup, I left enough cable slack however I told people involved TO NOT MOVE THE PODIUM! Moving the podium, despite the cable slack, could damage connections and cause things to not work! Both I am my boss reiterated this point many many times.

Now, fast forward to yesterday afternoon:

Jane and Gregory are doing presentations in that room. Jane requires audio from the PC, and according to her and Gregory's accounts the PC audio worked yesterday morning and the day before yesterday with all things that they were doing yesterday afternoon - but now they don't! (I guess this means I had fixed the initial PC audio problems back in October).

So what is different between yesterday morning and yesterday afternoon you ask?
Someone...moved...the...podium! Yes, my friend! The very same podium that we had said many, many, many times do not move!

Maybe I should apply crazy-glue to the podium and stick it to the ground... :-o
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