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Watchdogs | Done!

Well,  one more game completed before 2015 is done! I started playing Watchdogs on the xbox back in August, before the semester started, and it's taken me well into the end of the semester (almost the end of the year) to complete it.  I ended up doing many side-missions in the game, but I think after six months of slowly picking away at it, I just wanted to make sure I finished the main campaign.


So the game takes place in Chicago, where Aidan Pierce (the main character) is a hacker.  His niece was killed by someone due to something he stumbled upon, but he does not know what, so he's on a mission to find who put out a hit on his family.  Throughout this adventure he discovers that a major mob boss is behind the hit because the Mayor, who is in his pocket, ended up killing his secretary.  Since Quinn (the mob boss) thought that Aidan was after this incriminating evidence he put the hit out. Well... needless to say that Quinn is dead, and the Mayor is exposed.  Even a rival hacker - who for a while held Aidan's sister and nephew hostage, is dead.

It had been such a long time since I started playing this game that I forgot who Maurice was; Maurice being the guy who actually took care of the hit on Aidan's family. Given the option of killing him off or just saying 'enough is enough' - I opted to spare his life (no badge for that though) since he was a victim of circumtances as well.

Throughout the game you have opportunities to take down gangs, to eliminate criminal convoys (pretty hard since driving also can mean injuring civilians), and taking care of petty crime.  Taking care of petty crime gets you vigilante points and the crowd is with you.  To aid you on your quest you can hack ATM for money, and hack people's personal devices while walking around Chicago for money and supplies.  The detail that they've added to the profiler, that allows you to see interesting tidbits about the people walking around - such as annual income, job, and interesting tidbits about them, is pretty interesting.  You can also hack devices such as cameras in order to gain advantage over your enemies.  I really did like how this game used an environment which was 'real'.  In some sense I think that this game could realistically see a modern day cross-over with Assassin's Creed since hacking might be considered one of the tools of the trade for the Assassins these days.

There are other interesting parts of the game, such as a Swarm/foursquare-like function that allows people to check into locations in Chicago (in the game), and the more you check into them, the more likely you will be to become the Mayor (I wonder if there is an achievement for that).  One of the things that really bugged me about the game is that they killed off Clara Lille (one of Aidan's Dedsec allies). With Aidan's family off the grid, for their own safety - and unlikely to return, and with Jordi showing that he's out for the money (and not necessarily having any allegiance to Aidan), I think Aidan really needs a friend. I guess vigilantes are meant to be loners, eh?

I you look at the remaining map in-game, I have a ton of pursuits left to tackle - even alternative reality games, but I think I need a break from this game.  Time to tackle other games for now.

In terms of achievements, I got 13 (or 310 points out of 1250) which accounts for 25% of the achievements in the game.

Did you play this game? What did you think?
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