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Adieu, LiveMocha

Well...seems like LiveMocha is going away.  The approach that I liked about LiveMocha was that it utilized social networking, and networks, for the purposes of language learning.  So, me - being a native speaker of Greek and English, I could earn points by teaching others those languages and  I could use those points to the in turn learn something new.  It allowed someone to be both a teacher and a learner.  I hope someone resurrects this idea soon :-)

Here is he email received this morning

As a Livemocha member and a language enthusiast, you’ve helped build a very special community. Over the past number of years, Livemocha has sparked countless conversations and connections among millions of language lovers around the world.

Unfortunately, the Livemocha community will close permanently on Friday, April 22, 2016, and you will no longer be able to access your account after that date.

We highly encourage you to remain engaged, make friends, use those remaining beans, and build life long memories with us for the next few weeks.

Because we appreciate you and remain committed to your language learning success we invite you to download our award winning mobile application; Learn Languages with Rosetta Stone from any of these leading application stores for free and try any of the 24 languages it offers:

Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store

Don’t worry if you are still on a traditional computer - try this.

We have some very exciting things planned for our language learning suite and we hope you will choose to stay with us through this journey.

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To read this email in Por
tuguese - click hereMany thanks for your participation and continued support.
The Rosetta Stone / Livemocha Team

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