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Adieu, AvantGo

AvantGo is going away....

Well OK, bad pun, but AvantGo is shutting down its services in about ten days.

Before we could have the internet on our PDAs, and before the advent of smartphones (and RSS), there was AvantGo. AvantGo allows you to subscribe to channels of content from major providers (like newspapers and other news organizations) and if there weren't a channel for the content you wanted you could setup a channel based on a website and it would suck down content for you and put it on your PDA.

Whenever you synced your device to your computer, your PDA would have a new version of the website on your PDA, and new content from the channels you subscribed to.

I started using AvantGo on my iPaq a long long time ago (well, long-long in technology time - 10 years), it helped keep me in the loop, reading news before I got to work.

Oh well. Their webasite says that AvantGo is changing...I wonder what it's changing to.
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