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On Overdrive!

So, I've made my decision - I will be graduating this coming December, so in order to do so I will need to go into overdrive mode (or commando mode as it is known in the Art Dept.)

This summer I will be taking two courses:

1. Business and It's environment (business ethics mostly)
2. Organizational Diagnosis & Change (woohoo!)

This fall I will be taking:
1. Information Systems for Qualitative...blah blah blah (long title but should be fun)
2. Finance: Massachusetts in the global economony (should be interesting)
3. Strategic Management (woohoo! the final course).

I just hope that the Masters in Information Technology gets off the ground soon, so once I graduate I can start my 2nd Master's (LOL..just kidding... I WILL take a small break before I start my 2nd Master's)

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