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Alpha Protocol - Some final thoughts

I took opportunity of daylight savings (or whatever the heck it's called in November) to get an extra hour of game play in and finish up Alpha Protocol for the xbox360. I honestly don't remember what setting I started playing the game on (maybe easy?) but the game didn't take that long to finish (at least compared to other games).

XPlay didn't give the game that great of a review, it was only a 2 out of 5 (review at the bottom) but I think that the game was at least a 3 if not a 3.5.  Sure, it was easy, and some of the dialogue was imature (depending on how you played the RPG element of the game) but I think the story was pretty solid, and having just come from Alone in the Dark, Alpha Protocol seems like a gem!

I ended up getting 20 out of 50 total achievements, which is not bad for the first time around and not knowing that one gets achievements for in this game.  It seems like the game encourages people to replay it so that they can get achievements for being a good guy (my type of achievements), being a bad guy and being morally ambiguous. The game was fun enough to play again, but maybe after a little while.  I think that the folks over at Obsidian and Sega have a sense of humor given that the name of boat that Mike escapes on is the "Omega" (you know alpha being the beginning and omega being the end...and you see omega at the end of the game?...errr..ok maybe I am wasting my breath, it wasn't that clever of a pun) :-)

The game does lend itself to a sequel and I'd actually play a sequel to this game!  Now the only game I haven't finished is Alone in the let's see if I can wait until Christmas with this one game...

Xbox 360 Games - E3 2012 - Alpha Protocol
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