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Free: the future of a radical price

A while back I downloaded Free: The future of a radical price (by Chris Anderson) from Audible.  I'm pretty sure that it's probably still free (the eBook version was free for a while but probably not anymore). In any case, with the audible app, I've rediscovered by free purchase (which is probably in some backup disk somewhere), downloaded it and started reading it.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, and it should probably be some food for thought in MBA classes.  The basic premise is that computer bits don't cost you much to reproduce and with each passing year the same amount of money gets your much more computing capacity. What this means is that some products can (and maybe should) become free.  One of the examples was music and how in some countries (i.e. China) digital music is provided for free, legally, in order to encourage sales of concert tickets, swag and memorabilia (as well as actual CD sales).

I have to say that the book is definitely worth a quick skim if you don't want to listen (or read) the whole thing. It reminded me a lot of some of my MBA/MSIT coursework when it came to disruptive technologies and how they have the potential to shatter or displace things like existing product offerings and ways of doing business. This is a book that appealed both to the MBA in me, and as a member of the millennial/net-generation. 
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