v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

The end is near!!!

The end of the semester that is! (yeah, I know, it's a stale joke!)
With only three more weeks left, I have two things to look forward to (well in addition to the end of the semester)
1. My Data Modeling Final Exam
2. My Object Oriented Systems Final presentation
Despite my recent development woes (see virtual PC and visual studio not playing nice with one another) I am feeling rather optimistic
At the very least I can code everything and I can make improvements on the database back end of the proof-of-concept application that I am designing. Now if the webserver does not work...that is a completely different story now, isn't it?

I know that other students, both in my school and in schools nationwide are getting ready for their final presentations, and most are undoubtedly going to use powerpoint. I just wanted to post this video of Demetri Matrin doing a great job at presenting his material, without powerpoint! Enjoy!
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