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Mass Effect Done!

Over the weekend I finished off Mass Effect, which I had gotten as part of the Mass Effect Trilogy a while back.  As you might remember, I started playing other games on my Xbox while I was trying to complete Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops on my PSP. This is the second game I've finished on the xbox...and I have barely made a dent on Portable Ops. I am not at one of the Bosses (Python) but i am finding him difficult to deal with - m' seems as though portable ops might go back onto the shelf from where it came from if I can't complete it by the time I am done with the Mass Effect trilogy ;-)

In any case, one of my friends had recommended Mass Effect after I told him that I liked Halo.  I guess I can see why: the stories are a little similar.  That said, it seems to me that Mass Effect is more of a movie, with some action, rather loads of action and some movie parts. I did like the ability to influence the path I took (all paragon, with some renegade as it turns out), and the ability to choose who to send on what missions, and, as it turns out, who to sacrifice.

At the end of the game I got the full ending, but I decided to let the politicians figure out who the human councilor will be (although I did want the captain to be it), completed the romantic subplot, and made it to level 36. Achievement-wise I got 15 out of 49 (400/1200 points). M'eh.  Nice game, but I am not sure I'd go back to get the other achievements. Maybe in a few years once it's no longer fresh in my mind and I can enjoy  it a new.  The one thing that annoyed me is that the Krogan on my team died, despite trying to talk him down.  I really wish I could have saved him :-/
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