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Fan Film down!

Seems like another (star trek) fan-film is down...or at least temporarily halted.  The Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly fan film seems to be in talks with CBS.  Since they started their work before all the "guidelines" came about (mostly because of Axanar, it seems), they were under the impression that they were grandfathered into the non-guideline era.  This is the third fan film (after axanar, and Star Trek: Ride of the Federation) that gets this treatment.  Oh well... hopefully the full intended film can be "released" in some fashion 😏

The synopsis:
Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly is the story of an average day aboard the Enterprise 1701-E which takes place just after the incident with the Ba’ku featured in Star Trek: Insurrection. An anomaly suddenly forms and within the blink of an eye somehow leaves only 1 Ensign aboard the Federation flagship. He soon discovers other ships from other times have also been brought to that region of space and each with only 1 crew member left aboard. With each ship badly damaged the remaining cross-era crew must join forces against an unlikely foe as the fate of their ships, their lost crews and over 200 years of history is threatened.

The trailer:

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