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Countdown to Halo 4!

I came across this live action launch trailer for Halo 4 the other day.  It's pretty interesting, and it makes me wonder if, as part of Halo 4, we will see more flashbacks from the Master Chief's past.  Having read all Halo novels up to this point, I know what has transpired (at least from a novelization point of view) up to this point and how Master Chief became Master Chief.  As with any book I've read, I get excited when these things hit the screen and I see how directors, screenplay writers, and actors interpret what's been written in the books.  Sometimes it stinks, and other times it's quite good.

I must admit, I wasn't that excited about most of the forerunner related Halo books, so I hope this reclaimer trilogy that's starting with Halo 4 redeems the books.

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