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Adieu Yahoo! Groups

Well, another end-of-an-era is upon us.  Verizon (owner of Yahoo!) is shuttering yahoo groups.  This is a service that I've used on-and-off since the late 90s.  Early in my college days we used it as an asynchronous place to meet with people that we knew from Yahoo! Chat (which was synchronous).  This spawned groups like Ελληνικό Καφενείο, which was tied tot the popular Greek Yahoo! Chat group, as well as Greek in Canada (which I joined even though I wasn't Canadian), and my very own (and not quite successful) group: Μουσική, τεχνολογία, και τρέлa (a bit of a hodgepodge group).  In graduate school, one of our professors used yahoo groups as a place to post information because he didn't use the LMS (or didn't know how to).  Well, adieu yahoo! groups!  We had fun times! It's an end of an rra!

Dear Group Moderators and Members,

We are notifying you about upcoming changes to Yahoo Groups, which affect how content is shared and group membership is managed. We know that our users are deeply passionate about connecting around shared interests, and we want to continue offering the best experience possible.

We extensively researched the Yahoo Groups usage and user experience. In doing so, we determined that the majority of our members use the Yahoo Groups email functionality to share content, rather than posting directly to website message boards.

To align our features with user preferences, effective October 28, the following changes will be made to Yahoo Groups:
  • Uploading of new content will be disabled on the Yahoo Groups website. All users can continue to communicate and share content via email using any email client.
  • All users will only be able to join Groups either through an invite from the Group Moderator or by submitting a request to join a Group, which requires approval by the Group Moderator.

Starting December 14, all previously uploaded content stored on the website will be removed and all existing public Groups will be made private. If you would like to keep any of the content you’ve posted or stored within your Yahoo Group, you have until December 14 to download it by accessing this link. More information about the upcoming changes can be found here.

Since most content sharing among Yahoo Group members now occurs over email, we believe it is the right time to make this change. Please be assured that while posted content will be removed, Yahoo Groups is not going away, and new Groups can still be formed, allowing users to join and connect with their communities and passions.

Yahoo Groups is an online extension of your real-life group of friends, interests, and communities, so we hope this change will streamline and improve your experience.

The Groups Team

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