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Chasing the infinite sky

I came across this (really short) fan film a few weeks ago but I had not had time to watch it up until now.  The design aesthetic is definitely NuTrek, but that doesn't bother me.  It does fit within the CBS/Paramount fan-film guidelines, and in doing so it really lacks much engagement.

The more brutal star trek fans out there say that it sucks, for a variety of reasons, including that it's NuTrek and that people are using warp speed in a solar system (OK, let's not be THAT picky!).  I think the fact that we don't really get to see a ton of people and we don't get to connect with them is the bigger issue, but there is only so much you can do with short videos.  This reminds me very much of the intro to an episode and I expect to see more.  For what it is, it ain't bad.

Chasing The Infinite Sky (Star Trek Fan Film SHORT) 21:9 format from Albert Martinez on Vimeo.
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