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Save on Books – go to your library

This semester I have started a new Master’s program (having already finished two). I am studying the art and science of Instructional Design so that I can be a better teacher (when I do finally become a professor), or to use the skills that I have gained to help existing teachers with their course design dilemmas (or something like that anyway).

In years past I have always looked at ways to get cheap books, because as most college students know – textbooks are no cheap. My ally up to now has been – a website that searches 30 or so websites, and gives you a list of sellers, and their prices, and you can go ahead and order the book you want. I have generally saved anywhere from 50% to 75% compared to Campus Bookstore prices.

This semester I decided to try something I haven’t tried in ages – look at my local library’s catalog (and the virtual catalog as well.) I was able to find ALL of my textbooks. I paid absolutely nothing to get these books, and I can use them throughout my semester. I think I can renew the books at least a couple of times, and I can also check them out again.

If at the end of the semester I decide that I like the book, or it will be an invaluable reference for future endeavors, I can go ahead and buy a used version from (something that I have already done for one my semester books already). This semester I saved 90% by going to the library.

Lessons learned:
1. Never trust your bookstore – just go there to get your ISBNs
2. Always check your public and/or college library for the books
3. If you don’t find them, use
4. Always support your public library – volunteer, become a ‘friend of the library’ by donating a small amount of money, make sure your local leaders know you support your public library – because as things have proved – a small donation here and there can save you money elsewhere!
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