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Adieu Klout

Well, I guess another one bite the dust.  Over the weekend I saw an announcement that Klout - the social media influence measurement tool - had gone to the great binary cloud in the sky.  Klout, whose logo reminded me of a Cyrillic "Zhe" (maybe they were russian spies? ;-) ), took all of your social profile information, it collated the likes, reblogs, retweets, comments, thumbs up (etc?) that you got an from that it calculated an aggregate score  of your influence.

A profile of what this looked like is below (I should have snapped a photo of what I used when I used it so that it wasn't so generic).  Anyway,  This wasn't such a great loss. For my own profiles I once made it to 60 (out of 100?) briefly, but most of my "klout" hovered around  50-55.  The same is true for the social media accounts at work that I manage.  Now, granted, I don't go crazy with them because it's not my job, and I don't have that much time to devote to social media marketing (wish I could devote more time, but more pressing matters need my time and attention), but still, for curating stories about language from the web, a score of around 50ish isn't bad.

So, what will replace klout?  Who knows!  I don't know how social influence is even measured these days (maybe something to explore after the doctorate is done), so I won't even bother with it until later.  So, adieu Klout - I guess I hardly knew ye.

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