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20 Days!

About 20 days left for this semester to end (and for me to have my MBA).
I am a bit tired, but I think that caffeine is sustaining me as I chug along...

So tomorrow - group meeting (IT strategy), putting the final touches on revisions the primary part of our final paper and working on the secondary part.
Then further work on the T-Mobile project (strategic management) ...and finally some research for the final paper for international financial management.
I cannot wait until "vacation" season :-)

On related news, my university has started offering a Masters of Science in Information Technology. I looked at the classes offered (I am already familiar with the faculty that teach in the program), and they look pretty interesting! I already submitted my paperwork for entry into the program, so if all goes as planned, I will be starting school again :-) -- what can I say? I like learning ;-)
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