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NetNewsWire for iPhone

When NetNewsWire announced that they will support Google Reader syncronization I almost jumped for joy since that meant that I could use a desktop RSS reader. I also said f***! because I had spent cash on byline for my iPhone.

So how does the free RSS reader fare against byline? Well, I am still glad that I spent money on byline because it runs circles around NetNewsWire. While the free version of NetNewsWire provides an OK interface for browsing and clearing you RSS feeds, it does not provide any functionality to share an item, or share it with a note - features which I use constantly.

The other thing that keeps me on byline is the user interface. Byline's UI just seems more robust compared to that of NetNewsWire free. The one leg up that NNW has over byline is that it offers to save something to instapaper, but seeing that this isn't a feature I use, it is quite alright that byline does not have this function

Overall I would give NNW a 5 out of 10

-- Post From My iPhone
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