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Too late to buy an iPad2?

One day before classes start again! I was at the Salem Target the other day getting some necessary supplies (read: paper towels) when I did my obligatory sweep of the electronics section to see if there are any (interesting) xbox games on sale. Here I noticed that iPads are actually in stock at most (if not all) locations and all immediate demand has been satisfies apparently to allow stores to keep devices in stock.

I thought of the increasing pile of ebooks and journal articles that are amassing on both my home and work Macs. I thought of TV shows that I haven't seen yet, and of the convenience of having a (more comfortable) word processor on hand. A laptop would truly be overkill, but a tablet seems to fit the bill. Then I though that it's been six or so
Months since the iPad was released. In iOS terms the iPad has reached its half life and a new model will be here before you know it. Does it make sense to get an iPad 2 now?

Of course sage advice (I've heard and given before) goes as follows: if you have a need now, get the device now - if you don't need it, wait. There is never a good time to buy electronics, but as far as some devices go, some times are better than others. So what do you think (advice aside) - iPad 2 purchase now yay or nay?

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