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Is the Bachelor’s degree obsolete?

That’s an interesting question posed in this article (CLICK HERE). Personally I do not know if the BA/BS is dead, but it certainly costs a lot of money, so graduates with a Bachelor’s degree usually leave school with a lot of debt. I have also noticed that many of my peers, or even people older than I, are back in school for a Master’s because it appears that you need a Master’s degree for anything other than entry level jobs…and of course the Master’s costs a pretty penny too.

Perhaps the Bachelor’s isn’t dead, but it would be an interesting experiment to have Bachelor’s be considered required post-high school education that is provided free by the state, or to have the schooling and associated degree highly encouraged by the state, but make sure that those accepted into BA/BS programs only pay a nominal fee for their education (I would say no more than $400-$500 per course).

Just my 2 cents.

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