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Risa Rising!

The Risa summer event is back on Star Trek Online!  I think that the event goes until July, at which point Agents of Yesterday drops. Risa and the Winter Wonderland are both seasonal favorites of mine :-)  As much as people look down upon playing "space barbie" (i.e. focusing on how your character and ship look instead of DPS), I am looking forward to rounding out the summer outfits for my Delta Recruit.  It seems that this year they got rid of sand sculpting (and lost the arenologist) and they brought Qwen, the ferengi, to help you scan for temporal artefacts in a new mini game (still not sure how this game works...)

The one question I wonder is this:Why did they pick a mustached man for their blog post about Risa?  All I can think of now is Tom Selleck as someone from Trek on Risa...

The Vorgon ship looks interesting as well - although I keep thinking of those accountant aliens on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy every time I read the name (Yes, in HGG they are Vogons, but close enough)
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