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Audible iOS app is good!

A week or so ago I heard on one of the TWiT Podcasts that audible had an audible application for the iPhone out.  Now over the years I've bought many Free audible books. They go on sale, or there is a special promotion going on and the books are free. These are automatically downloaded and added to my iTunes library. I don't have them automatically synced however because I don't plan on listening to them right away, and when I do want to listen to them they are backed up on some disc because I ran out of hard drive space and needed to clear things out ;-) Thus I never get to listen to the audiobooks I got for free.

Well, this is a problem no more!  Whenever I get an audiobook from audible it's on my account - I can access my account via the audible app, and download on-demand straight to my iPod touch or iPhone! My entire purchase library is there, so no need to look back through backup discs of older purchases :)  I'm currently in the process of listening to Free.  Interesting book, not entirely new to me, but still interesting none the less!

My only wish: I wish I were able to import my one iTunes purchase: jPod the audiobook. Audible provides iTunes with their audiobooks, so it should be doable, no?
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