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Syndicate on the xbox - return of a classic!

Classic Syndicate
This past week I came across a mention of the game Syndicate for the xbox 360 (and PS3 and PC obviously).  Back in the day,  I remember playing the original on my friend's Amiga (and not liking it much), but as soon as I got my own computer (a Performa running System 7.5.3) and I got over the learning curve of the game I went on to complete it.  As far as I remember the final stage was a major pain in the behind!

In any case, just like many games have in the past, this franchise is getting a revamp and it's coming out on newer consoles as a third person shooter.  The trailer looks pretty good (see bellow), and with good cinematics and storytelling it looks like a promising video game.  Maybe I can dig up my old CD-ROM that contains Syndicate for System 7.5 and run it in an emulator to see what the specific story line was - more or less evil corporation wants to take over other corporations by using cybernetically enhanced humans to destroy other corporations' cybernetically enhanced humans, but the specifics escape me.  Looking forward to the revamp! :-)

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