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Fable 2 | Done

This isn't new news, but while I was blogging about other things, I decided to mention this as well ;-)

A short while back I finished off Fable II.  While I was playing MGS Portable Ops, I didn't want to start the next metal gear our of chronological sequence.  That said, I finished fable II pretty quickly, all things considered, and I am  still stuck on MGS Portable Ops.

In any case, the story of Fable II was pretty interesting.  Just like fable III I gave it a go at marrying someone in the game, but in all honesty it was too much work (lol), so I decided to just stick to the main quests of the game.  This, in the end, got me 435/1200 gamer score, and 16/66 achievements.  If I were more achievement-minded (or if this game had more interesting side-quests) I'd be tempted to go back.  But, when there are other unplayed games, it seems a bit like a waste of time :)

At the end, you have 3 choices:
  • Resurrect all the people who died due to the main villain's evil plans
  • Resurrect your loved ones
  • Be rich.
 For me, this was a hard call.  I ended up going with resurrect your loved ones (which I thought included my in-game sister, but apparently not), and I got a tongue lashing from the narrator ;-)  I guess no good deeds go unpunished lol.  All things considered, this was an entertaining game.
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