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Swarm year in review

Well, 2016 is done,  and one more social media app sent me my comings and going from last year.  This time around it was the Swarm app - formerly known as foursquare before the rebranding.

It's not surprising that my most checked-in places are train stations (spent quite a lot of time in them last year, not just going to and from work, but also on our trip to Spain in October).  It's also not surprising that work is my #2 place for the year - although it did surprise me that North Station was my #1 place... must be all the times I check in to complain about just having missed my train...or about train delays ;-)

Hopefully my 2017 year in review next year will have many more fun check-ins! (I still miss GoWalla... There was something special about that passport metaphor...)

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