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Nintendo, and the Smartphone

A few days ago is seems like everywhere on the internet (or at least the places I hang out in), were publishing images of concepts of what a Nintendo phone would look like, which they seem have branded the SmartBoy, calling back to the original mobile hit, the GameBoy.   The concept seems to be modular in design, with a gamepad add-on, and add-ons, like a higher megapixel camera, that connect to the SmartBoy in a manner similar to how cartridges worked on the original GameBoy.  The nostalgia factor doesn't stop there, as the Power Save mode looks to be full-on 8-bit gray-scale nostalgia for those of us who had the original GameBoy.

As someone who owned a GameBoy (but donated it) the concept is something I would buy into.  Considering I acquired a Gameboy Advance SP recently to play some of those classic games (good price, too!) something like this would be awesome :-).  That said, I am certain that this phone would need to have a pretty good battery - I can't fathom anyone having something like this and not playing classic games all the time! :-)

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