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A temporal captain!

Finally! I've now become an old school temporal captain ;-)

About five years ago when I first started playing Star Trek online what I really wanted was to fly around in a Wells Class temporal science vessel (and sport the 29th century uniform).  The problem?  The Wells was a lockbox ship, and before I knew the odds of getting one I ended up opening a whole lot of temporal lockboxes with nothing (but lobi) to show for that.  I did claim the temporal weaponry set from the Lobi store, but gave up on the Wells.

Well, after a lot of grinding (one of the benefits of having a few alternative characters!) I pooled my EC (energy credits) into my main character and bought a Wells from the exchange.  With the remaining Lobi I had I also got the Mobius (or is it Möbius?) temporal destroyer to get the set bonus.  Both of these ships were top of the line when I started playing, but now at best they can be Tier 5 Upgraded, with best ships in the game being Tier 6.  Baaaahhh!

Luckily I had grinded enough EC to also be able to buy the the Paradox temporal destroyer which came out with the Terran Invasion expansion, which is Tier 6.  Now I an RP as a proper temporal captain (I suppose I should save up some EC for an Aeon time shuttle...


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