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Modern Warfare 3 | Done!

Just in time, before the semester starts, I was able to complete the third part of the Modern Warfare trilogy! So, from previous games in the series, we know that the world has gone to hell in a hand basket.  Task force 141, the original good guys, have been disavowed, but they are working hard to take care of the villain in this story who made things the way they are.

Throughout the game we jump through various perspectives of both people on 141 and the US Marines.  The missions, just like the previous two games, seemed quite small to me in that I was able to complete the game in a couple of weekends, even on the high difficulty level (but not the highest). But despite the perceived shortness of the game, this game, like the previous two, were one amazing thrill ride! I just could not believe the story arc of the game :)

Speaking of characters, Soap, the rookie from the first one, was saved (yay!)! At the end of the second MW his fate was in question, but I was glad to see that he did OK.  I was pretty pissed off when they killed off Roach, the rookie and main character of Modern Warfare 2.  Well, I was also pretty peeved that they killed off Soap in Modern Warfare 3 in the end.  It was a pretty jerk move to save a character but then have him killed off.  I suppose it added dramatic tension, but come on!  In the end only the mentor from the first one ends up surviving and taking down the whole war enterprise. I must admit that it was a pretty satisfactory ending, but man, they left the world completely messed up!

From an achievements perspective, this one, like the previous games, was quite low for me.  I only got 18/76 achievements, and 205/1610 points (24%).  For a game that I was able to storm through I guess this isn't that bad. I guess I can rack up some more achievements by playing the game on Veteran.  I guess I'll have to revisit the whole trilogy at some point in the future at a more difficult level, and spend some more time in spec-ops.  My initial run through was just to see what happens with the story :).  The funny thing, while looking at my achievements, is that I see my brother having more points than I do, and he doesn't touch his xbox nearly as often ;-)

At the end of the day, this was a good game.  Wondering if a 4th part is coming out, or if this is it for Modern Warfare in its current incarnation.
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