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Books to read...but you already know the content?

This past summer I borrowed quite a lot of books from my school's library. Since I am a staff member the loan period is quite generous, so I could take out a box full of books and have them due back in October. Pretty sweet. So I decided to look at my GoodReads list and get as many books as I could find at my school which has the generous loan period.  After reading quite a few books from cover to cover (and really enjoying them), I came across a series of books including Ascent of Babel and Chomsky's Universal Grammar that seemed quite boring.

The books were actually not bad, it's just that I had covered the salient points covered in those books in my linguistics courses, so that was a bit of a let down. On the plus side I did skim through these books and I did pick up a few tidbits that I did not have covered in my coursework, but I find that it's not nearly as much fun to hunt for information in a book - I prefer to be immersed into it.  I did get Mind and Society by Lev Vygotsky, part of which I read for my psycholinguistics course, but I think (or at least I hope) that the rest of the book I have not read is not something I covered in class.

I decided to focus my attention to a book that I knew was all new to me: Freedom. I had listened to the first part of the narrative, Daemon, in audiobook format and it was quite an engaging story. I tried finding Freedom as an audiobook as well through my library, but there appear to only be available in eAudiobook  (overdrive) format and my public library doesn't have this book as an MP3, so I did the next "best" thing: get the digital edition from overdrive (again at my public library). It would be better as a paperback version, but I didn't want to wait, and the electronic version was available for immediate checkout from my library.  I honestly can't wait for these books to become mini-series. The story (thus far) is pretty effing cool!
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