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Dead Snow - Campiness to the max!

OK, so this past week the wife decided to try out Netflix. I've been avoiding Netflix because I don't want yet another recurring charge on my stack of bills - somehow recurring charges are there, but I tend to not use the service. Seeing how summer is upon us, I won't be having any courses to keep me late (or require me to do homework) and that most people will be hitting our public libraries for entertainment, a $10/month fee for 3 months doesn't seem all that bad.

We took the service for a spin this past weekend and saw a film that we've been meaning to watch for the longest period of time, but we never really found it at our public library. This film is none other than Dead Snow (or død snø as the Norwegians say).

The movie was in Norwegian, a nice change of pace - first Norwegian film I've seen actually, and it was sub-titled. The subtitles themselves needed some work, it seems like someone for whom English was not their first language did the subtitles which at times added to the comedy of the film. Don't get me wrong, this film is meant to be a survival-horror film where a bunch of medical student get attacked by Nazi Zombie looking for their gold in other words: Zombies, meet Pirates, meet Evil Dead. The film itself does make reference to MANY movie cliches, but I think that's half the fun of it. The other half are the impossible situations that these students find themselves in. The end of the movie was quite gratifying.

If you're a fan of campy movies, check this one out - you won't regret it :-)

Click here for IMDB info on Dead Snow
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