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Ποίος σκότωσέ το Newton;

Ένα από τα μεγάλα θέματα στην λίστα NewtonTalk της προάλλες είναι το πρόβλημα Y2K10 στο οποίο έχω αναφερθεί και φυσικά αν το Newton υπήρχε ακόμα το πρόβλημα θα είχε λυθεί εδώ και αρκετά χρόνια.

Φυσικά πολλοί είναι έτοιμοι και πρόθυμοι να τα ρίξουν όλα στον Στήβ Τζόμπς, και πως σκότωσέ το Newton για λόγους βεντέτας - επειδή και καλά δεν το δημιούργησε αυτός.

Ένας άλλος Έλληνας στην λίστα έδωσε μια καλή (και κατά την γνώμη μου σωστή) απάντηση για τον λόγο που σκότωσαν τον Newton (στα αγγλικά) που αναδημοσιεύω από το Αγγλικό μου μπλογκ

A bit off topic here, still I've had a thought I want to share with  
you. Most people attribute the decision to kill the Newton to a  
revenge of Steve Jobs against Sculley.

However "colorful" (to put it mildly) Steve\s character is (from what we read here and there) he is no fool. What I believe happened with the Newton was that when Apple faced bankruptcy and called back Steve Jobs in 1997 as a CEO it needed a few things in order to move on. 1st and foremost to focus on the key areas it was best at which were Creative Pros (DTP, Design. Prepress) and Education. The next important thing it needed was a commitment for the development of one of the most renown application suites, Microsoft Office.

However the deal was something more than that as it included a patent cross licensing plus some serious cash and more stuff.

This brings us to what I think happened with the Newton. Apple agreed with Microsoft to kill the Newton so that they would have the handheld marked to them selves.

In the light of saving the company, killing the Newton was a small price to pay and kept Apple out of the market for a decade until 2007 when they introduced the iPhone...

Of course it is totally possible that all of this exists only in my  
mind as I do not have any connection whatsoever to Apple and I could  
not have any insight on this matter.
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