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Publons year in review

Today we're looking at my year in review at Publons (a site which helps you track the academic peer reviews you've done).  This site is a little more interactive (you have to mouseOver in order to see some stats..

Here are some of the MouseOver stats:
  • Total citations of reviewed manuscripts --> 3 (average for field 7.4)
  • Total citations of authored manuscripts -->2 (average for field 16.6)
  • Sum of altmetric scores for reviewed manuscripts --> 9.3 (average for field 27.5)
  • Number of manuscripts published in 2017 that you reviewed --> 3 (average for field 2.3)
  • Academy modules completed --> 9 (total for field 20)
  • Journal reviewed for the most --> Computers & Education (4 reviews)
  • Average words per review --> N/A (total for field 518.5)
  • Ration of reviews to publications --> N/A (total for field 1:0.1)
  • Sum of altmetric scored for authored publications --> N/A (total for field 24.6)
  • Number of manuscripts edited --> N/A (total for field 1)
  • Number of excellent reviews --> N/A (total for field 51)
  • Number of peer review awards --> N/A (total for field 111)
  • Academy cadets supervised --> N/A (total for field 4)
  • Times "recommended" was used in reviews -->  N/A (total for field 210)
Considering that I've taken a bit of a step back from CIEE these past 18 months to focus on my dissertation, no bad on the number of manuscripts edited.  The number of words per review...well, to be fair I never submit those to Publons...maybe I should start - just to get a sense of how I am doing.
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