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ThinkGeek Fools!

I completely forgot to have a look at ThinkGeek's April Fool's lineup. Usually some of their April Fool's products make it to production (and some are actually just jokes).  I picked three of my favorites.

The Hot Pockets burrito  sleeping bag.  I picked this (even though I don't particularly find Hot Pockets all that appetizing) because I think that there are enough people who want this to be a product that it might actually make it to market.
Back in the 90s it seems that many people thought that there was a movie called Shazam with comedian Sinbad (so much so that Snopes I think has an article on it).  I guess it's time to make this happen if so many people think it existed ;-)

I think this is my favorite of them.   I don't know why it's plugged in (it seems like a hazard) but piggybacking on the standing desk and treadmill desks fads...why not a swim desk?

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