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Home Cleaning - でございます!

Yesterday I had a Keroro Gunso moment. I needed to feel like I needed to get something accomplished. After, quite literally, many months of feeling like I am spinning my wheels at that place, I started on my final approach to finish my ASP.NET project for my Object Oriented Systems Class. Working on Virtual PC though is very...very...very slow. So I put on a few podcasts on my speakers, gathered my cleaning supplies and set out on a mission to clean as much of the house before I had to go to class that evening, and work on my OO project when Virtual PC caught up with what I had asked it to do. So I was working on my project, and while I was waiting, I did some cleaning.

The result? Quite a few rooms are much more neat compared to before, cleaner, but not sparkling. I feel that warm fuzzy feeling again! You know! The one that you get when you do something and you can see noticeable results and someone appreciates the fact that you put effort into something. Yeah, that! :-) Oh, yes, I did make progress with my ASP.NET work as well! It was slow...but made progress none the less.
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