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Star Trek Online Season 11 (woot!)

Nice!  Season 11 of Star Trek Online has been announced and it's titled New Dawn!

Among the changes, listed on the developer blog:
Along with new lore and story progression in Season 11, Star Trek Online will also be updated with new gameplay options in the form of the Admiralty System. Take command of your inactive starships to complete dangerous assignments and gather exciting rewards, while advancing your influence in the Admiralty campaigns. Within this system, each starship is given special traits and stats that must be used to successfully complete assignments. Plan carefully which ships are sent on which assignment in order to meet their requirements and offset various hazards, in an effort to yield great rewards across any of three separate campaigns.
I am curious to see what this Admiralty system is.  At the moment I am a bit tired of the grind for reputation gear. So tired, in fact, that I haven't gotten any Iconian gear yet.  I have extra marks on my main character and on occasion I do play a queue for marks. However, I've decided to wait for the winter event, raise some epohhs and get some gear that way, if I ever get enough marks.  Grinding away on 4 characters is just insane which trickled down, and makes it tough for even 1 character (given that inventory space for that character is also limited).


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