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Macheist 4 thoughts

I know MacHeist 4 is over, and it was an incredible deal ($29 for a boatload of apps AND 1 year of premium evernote!). I have to say that this time around I did not buy the MacHeist bundle, despite its awesomeness, because I didn't have much use for most of the apps.  Now if Parallels or VM Ware were part of the deal, or if RapidWeaver 5 were there, that would have been a different discussion :-)

In any case, why am I writing about MacHeist? It's simple: this year think they really went a step forward and increased the audience engagement to a really nice degree! There were a total of 8 (4 "regular" and 4 "nano") missions available on MacOS and iOS that MacHeist "agents" could take part in.  The story was a bit cheesy, but that didn't bother me.  Each mission had puzzles that you had to solve, and throughout the missions there were some free MacOS apps that you could earn for solving puzzles and moving the story forward.

I have to say, the free apps didn't get me to participate in the MacHeist missions, but the puzzles and they hokey story did! I hope next year's MacHeist raises the bar some more with these iOS games. Nice job people!
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