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One down...

What a crazy week!

One month down...three more to go in this ultimate semester! I've kept off blogging mostly and consuming the content that I left on my Instapaper account instead so that it doesn't go stale. On the minus side, I've read so many interesting articles that sparked some ideas for commentaries that my starred items area in Instapaper is expanding - oh well. Hopefully in October I'll have some time to comment on some of these stories.

So...almost all of my major work for my practicum is complete, I've read all the articles I wanted to read, I've submitted the observations, and I'll be teaching a couple of sessions in October - Nice! The only thing left to do is to develop a small eLearning module and write a paper about it (not absolutely necessary to develop the module, but it would be an interesting experiment)

In Psycholinguistics I am almost done with my paper-writing and I am now just waiting for the mid-term and final exams...the only thing that's left is the comp exam which is unfortunately scheduled for my birthday. I guess after the exam I will have two reasons to drink LOL.

Back to crazy amounts of homework.
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