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iPod updated, some hickups experienced

Well, yesterday I updated my iPod Touch to OS 4. Much to my disappointment this update didn't got without its set of problems. First it took forever to backup the thing before the update started - I think the update process took a couple of hours - you'd think that I were installing Windows on it, LOL :-)

In any case, the thing upgraded and I noticed that all of my video and music content was gone from the device - gone! In retrospect I should have backed up my music using PhoneView, but hindsight is always 20/20. The video content didn't bother me much because it's available at home. The music on the other hand went down the drain in the great Western Digital Hard Drive Failure of 2009 when my external WD had the click of death and all my catalogued music died with it. I still have the music on discs, but it will take time to go through those discs again, fix track names (for non english songs) and determine what I want on my iPod.

I guess in the grand scheme of things the loss of my music isn't that big of a deal. I generally listen to podcasts when I commute by train - which is 95% of the time. Those times that I drive, it's a mix of podcasts and music. When I do listen to music 40% of the time I listen to - so the loss of my old music is a excuse to try new music :)

There are three things that I noticed with my iPod with iOS 4:
1. no backgrounds (really, I could care less)+

2. the audio playback is choppy at times, especially when I have the thing play in the background, or I lock the screen, there is a momentary stutter -annoying for a media device!

3. the background I have used for the past 2 years (pebbles picture that came with the original OS) is no longer there... frak! I had grown accustomed to that photo...
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