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Red Dead Redemption | Complete

[Spoilers] A week of so ago I completed Red Dead Redemption on the XBox. This was a game that I had borrowed from a friend.  I had heard quite a lot of good things about it, but - honestly - the cover art really didn't sell the game for me (enough to buy it with my own cash) - so I traded with a friend.  They do say don't judge a book by its cover, and I guess this holds true for video games as well :-)

Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of the Western Genre (maybe I've seen to many bad westerns), but I really liked this game. The main character is quite endearing (you wouldn't know from the cover art), and the story is quite compelling. I have to say that, after going through the entire game, I was really annoyed that the John Marston died in a blaze of bullets. I guess this might be a western genre thing, but I was hoping for a happier ending.

To get the end credits to roll, you play Marston's son, later on in his life, and you hunt down the Pinkerton detective that did John in. I am wondering if there is a sequel coming (I hope the kid's personality is developed a lot, 'cause he was quite annoying ;-)  ). 

As far as achievements go, this was quite low for me. I just didn't care enough to do a ton of side missions, and the hunter-gatherer thing seemed like it wasn't that integrated with the game; at least not integrated enough to make hunting and gathering really important to the progression of the game.

At the end of the day
  • 12/95 Achivements
  • 390/1500 Points
  • Just over 50% in-game completion
Overall grade: B+/A-
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