v6.2.3 - moving along, a point increase at a time

Mine! Mine! Mine!

With the new Kramp'Ikri event on star trek online this season came a new accolade to collect: mine, mine, mine!  I was aiming to earn this before Christmas hit (and I started working more on my dissertation)...and mission (just) accomplished! In the Kramp'Ihri event (usually comes along twice per hour) when you attack the Kramp'ihri, one of the things that he tosses at you (from time to time) are gifts.  One are Red, some are Blue, and some are Green.  Collect 33 of each color gift and you earn this accolade (not really sure how many points it's worth).  The Green gifts are the most common to drop, the Blue are uncommon, and the Red are a little more rare. As was expected the Red ones where what caused the delay in earning this accolade (I've had Green and Blue gifts covered for a week now).  Twelve more days of a short daily grind to earn the season's Breen ship - which shouldn't distract too much from working on my literature review ;-)

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