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Halo forward unto dawn is awesome!

OK, if you weren't watching before, you should watch this before picking up a copy of Halo 4. Forward unto dawn is not a prequel (I don't think), but it gives people a little more information about the Halo universe. As someone who's played most Halo games, and have read more Halo books, this was certainly an interesting live action show.  I am not sure what it cost to make this, but I would certainly watch an entire season of this.

One thing that was personally disappointing was the death toll in this.  There were so many actors that I recognized in this series that just died.  What the heck?  I was hoping for more name-brand actors to survive, but in the end only three cadets make it.  Oh well. I supposed I shouldn't be surprised since in the short stories most people end up dead anyway ;-)

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